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If your update entitles you to a FL Studio version number less than the current version then you can find the installer for the version you are entitled to in your account page.Lifetime Free Updates are available from our shop (It's inexpensive, we're not greedy and want you on board). Reg file) will work with all existing FL Studio installations, purchased plugins and sample packs.You may see a notification asking if you accept the new permissions.Tip: In some cases, you may need to restart your device to update an app.It would be reasonable for you to install FL Studio onto each of these PC's, provided you are the only user of the program.

If you'd prefer not to restart right away, click Not now.

Once your Account is created, follow the steps as shown for 'Easy installation or update' above.

Registration also means you do not need to worry about losing your FL Studio Box code.

However some plugins do need separate installers (Direct Wave sound libraries and Slayer 2). Anything that you have created and saved into the installation folder will be left untouched, for example, projects, downloads and samples.

The only exception is if you have modified original FL Studio installation files, then these may be reset.

Do FL Studio Fruity, Producer or Signature Bundle have different installers? 11 to 12) automatically install into a separate folders so you can have parallel installations. 12.1 to 12.2) you need to manually set the installer to a different folder, otherwise 11.1 will be overwritten with 11.2. Make sure to select the reset settings option on the installer or do this manually after the installation.