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If another plugin offers others, such as essentials nickname function (%displayname), they can be added to the config file. Original sources and description I have taken from here: Manager.Also for more information how to configure this plugin you can visit this link. I got the plugin to work through the Lily Pad and nothing more.Tady je výpis:groups: Hrac: default: true permissions: - modifyworld.* - permissions.* - free.sethome - - - - - - - essentials.spawn - - - admincmd.- back - admincmd.- Chest buy - Chest sell - Chest create - i Conomy - - lwc.protect Admins: prefix: '&5Admin&2' permissions: - permissions.* Support: prefix: '&2Support&5' permissions: - essentials.spawnusers: Gribly: worlds: world: group: - Support Permissions není o tom, že máš před jménem nápis... Co se týče toho, že se ti to nezobrazuje, jak píše Ka Zm A, musíš mít plugin Chat Manager, který je v tom zipu s Permissions EX.I noticed a lot of people in the forums asking for help with their servers permissions set up., you have completed this tutorial and you're able to cope with Permissions Exsowie and also to configure it!If there should be any errors or permissions not working, control your here.

This is useful for not allowing users to speak until they have been promoted to a higher rank, that has access to '', very useful for battling those spammers!Assign a Player to a Group (Such as Admin) Login into your Console and type: pex user username group set groupname11. Rozhodl jsem se napsat návod, protože hodně lidí neumí s Permissions EX a tento návod by jim určitě pomohl jak s nastavením tak i s příkazy atd. Nejdříve si stáhneme plugin zde: Permisssions EX 2. Na FTP najdete složku Permissions EX ve které jsou dva soubory a 2. Zapnout ho musíme tak, že na FTP přejdeme do složky Chat Manager, kterou najdeme v /plugins. jak daleko se budou zobrazovat zprávy od hráčů jiným hráčům.All of these nodes can be given in the same way any other node can, be it global, per-world, or per-user.

The use of negative nodes are not needed, if you do not want a group/user to be able to access a permission, simply do not define it.

Inside you will find a file called 'permissions.yml'.