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An article in likened Third Voice annotations to graffiti, and one in Salon pointed out that the platform "offers great potential for abuse and defamation." According to Leo Jolicoeur, who was the company's vice president for business development, Third Voice could never get past the idea that its software wasn't good for much more than vandalizing innocent web sites."It was seen as a layer of chaos on top of the web," he recalls.The climate scientists are far from alone in their enthusiasm about annotating the web.This year, the White House provided an annotated version of President Obama's State of the Union using Genius, an annotation platform that also has been used by, among others, the U. Geological Survey (which marked up a report on "The Decline in Amphibian Population in the United States") and actor Ashton Kutcher (who annotated several speeches by Steve Jobs while playing the Apple co-founder in a 2013 biopic).Nearly a decade later, Google entered the fray with Side Wiki, an annotation tool launched in 2009 and discontinued two years later.

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This knowledge has allowed the company to form close working relationships with some of the world's most renowned architects such as Guido Canali, and create domestic appliances together that perfectly incorporate the Smeg philosophy – Technology with Style.Genius, meanwhile, has raised more than million from investors, including Andreessen, whose VC firm, Andreessen Horowitz, was an early backer.