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21-Jul-2017 11:41

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The explosion of online dating has given academic researchers an unprecedented opportunity: to analyze vast troves of digital data to tell a fuller story on how humans, in this moment in time, are approaching the dating game.

New research from Australia sheds light on what online daters are actually looking for, and how those criteria dynamically evolve as they age.

Caliphate: A map purportedly showing the areas ISIS plans to have under its control within five years has been widely shared online.

As well as the Middle East, North Africa and large areas of Asia, it also reveals ISIS' ambition to extend into Europe.

But, as that highly educated cohort ages, they care less about how much schooling a potential mate obtained.

Less educated daters show the opposite trend: they tend to care more about connecting with those of the same education level as they get older.

In the early 10th century, with the Great Moravian Empire falling apart, the Hungarians annexed the territory and the whole area of Slovakia became part of the Kingdom of Hungary.

In 1237 the Mongols began their invasion of Europe, during which the Mongols attacked medieval powers including East Slavic principalities and the Kingdom of Hungary.

He and Benno Torgler, both behavioral economists, collaborated on the research.In the early 6th century, Slovaks settled what is now called Slovakia.